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Balancing Wellness For You And Your Family

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It’s hard to balance your time between your family’s health, and your own. Often you find yourself prioritizing things in that order: them, then you. I understand completely, but we’ve all heard that self care is important.

My personal goal is to make sure that your needs come first, but as a mom often you need your family’s needs to come first. I will work with you so we can make as few compromises as possible. Chiropractic is oftentimes a great way to care for yourself and for your family, without taking too much time out of your day.

Practical ways you can help yourself

Some days (or in my case nearly all days) it can be really difficult to find even a minute for taking care of yourself. But there are some very simple things you can do to improve your wellness.

We all know we should eat well. Almost none of us eat as well as we should. It’s all too easy to grab a Hershey bar from your kid’s Halloween candy, or a sugary drink from a drive through. You will snack during the day, that’s fine, but maybe find some time on the weekend to prepare some healthy snacks. Choose things with colors, and what’s considered “whole foods” such as veggies, fruit, or grains. Pick stuff that will replenish the energy drained by your adorable little vampires.

Another, even easier tip, is to make sure you stay hydrated. Fill a water bottle with more water than you would normally drink, again most of us don’t drink enough. Water can help with a lot of the things that slow us down.

When you hydrated your body uses its energy more efficiently, and often you can go longer between meals. It’s not my favorite tip, but probably the easiest and most practical.

The last tip I always give is to keep moving. If you’re sitting rocking your screaming baby for 15 minutes, get up and take a walk around. If you’re at work try to get up every hour for at least a couple minutes. Stretching and keeping your body active can do wonders for your perceived stress levels.

Practical Ways Chiropractic Can Help

There has to be a hundred ways I see Chiropractic help people every day. We all have aches and pains, and being a parent I know a sore back, tight neck, or cramping shoulder can really take away from your quality time with your kids.

Let’s be real, who hasn’t, at the end of a long day skipped giving your kid a bath? Or thrown together a peanut butter sandwich? We all have times when we can’t fathom leaning over a bath, or standing in the kitchen for even half an hour. More often than not, it’s just plain-old parenting exhaustion, and there’s not much anyone can do for that, but if it’s an ache or pain? That we can fix.

Chiropractic can treat the root cause of those problems. Sometimes an aching back is just because your daughter dive-bombed you from the couch when you weren’t looking, but sometimes its because you need to take some time to care for an injury. Chiropractic doesn’t just relieve acute pain, but I can help you heal those injuries, and strengthen weaknesses so you stop getting hurt at all.

And once you’re experiencing less aches and pains? Guess what it becomes easier to sleep, easier to hold a fussing infant, or rock a teething toddler. It can truly make a difference in your day-to-day experience with your kids.

Having an Important Discussion about staying still for Photos.

The Less Practical…

Here it comes, every parent has heard it: Self care is important! It’s cliche, for sure, but if parents never took any time for self care the whole family would fall apart. No one scoffs at making time for a shower, or a bite to eat, why scoff at taking care of yourself?

Trust me, taking the time for your own health isn’t just some abstract “it’ll help” piece of advice. All the experts tout the importance of taking care of ourselves and its affect on the relationships we have with our children. Don’t underestimate how much a healthy spine can help you stay in for an extra round with the junior wrestler, or lean over one more book before bed.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, or thoughts. I always love to talk to fellow parents, about ways I can help.

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