Low Back Pain

When it comes to back pain, lower back aches are one of the most common complaints I hear; It can effect your day by making it difficult to work, take care of family, or even get the rest you need.  Luckily, there are ways to relieve, to reduce, and to take control of the pain yourself without having to resort to medication. While (obviously) I think it’s worth seeing a chiropractor for low back pain, here are some strategies you can employ yourself!

What can you do at home?

One of the first things I talk to my patients about is posture. Poor posture puts more stress on your back, and can affect your breathing, and lead to muscle tightness and ultimately soreness in the lower back. Making sure you sit up straight as much as possible can help by taking pressure off of your back muscles, and your spine. Posture is even important when you are sleeping. You should try to keep your back straight while sleeping no matter what posture you sleep in. The best positions for sleep are either lying on your side, or on your back.

On your side
place a pillow beneath your knees to keep your spine straight, and if you can hug a pillow to avoid twisting.

On your back
place a pillow beneath your knees to help relax the natural curve of your lower spine.

As a mother I understand how low back pain can be debilitating, and it’s my goal as a Doctor to promote healing; whether that healing begins with minor corrections to posture, use of ice therapy, or the applied practice of Chiropractic, I want nothing more or less than to see you feeling better as soon as possible. Through a series of simple therapies, including exercises, and spinal adjustments I can set you on the path to healing.

When their back starts bothering them, most people turn to heat for help with the pain. While heat helps initially, it’ll actually make the area more inflamed and can prolong the pain and slow the healing process. It is best to ice your back in 10-15 minute increments. This helps bring the inflammation down, returns circulation to the damaged or inflamed tissue, and will help you feel your best as quickly as possible.

Should I see a Chiropractor for Low Back Pain?

Seeing a chiropractor for back pain can always be helpful. Often I see patients only when they’ve suffered an acute injury. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “Doctor Sara I just bent over and all the sudden I threw my back out!” But often the problem isn’t just this one time they’ve gotten hurt, it’s the chronic pain in the morning, and the aches at night. Even when patients see me for a more intense and sudden event, usually the underlying cause is exactly the type of condition we call “chronic.”

What’s more, if you do happen to be one of the few suffering from a one-time (or once a year) event, more often than not this can be the root cause of chronic back pain in the future. Chiropractic can treat the underlying causes of back pain and focus on getting you better.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about anything else you could be doing to feel your best. I’m always available to help, whether in our office in a formal appointment, over the phone, or via email/text message.

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