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No Fault and Personal Injury

Now Accepting Personal Injury and No Fault cases.

After any sort of accident, the last thing we want to do is hunt through search results, looking for anyone willing to help. Let us be clear, we are here to help, full stop. Our mission is patient care first, dealing with No Fault or Personal Injury paperwork last, and in-between we try to fill with healing.

Rest-assured, we’ll do the legwork and worrying, while you do the healing.

Doctor Sara has over 10 years of experience dealing with Insurance Companies and paperwork, and Adam has 17 years experience dealing with her being stressed out, and providing back-rubs and coffee breaks; We’ll take care of all the frustrating stuff. We know how to get the paperwork through, and from your end it’ll look the same as any of our other new-patient care — easy, and as low-stress as we can make it.

Unfortunately we might have to ask for information pertaining to your case, but don’t fret, it’s usually less than you expect. A Claim number and the insurance carrier are usually enough to get us started.

If for some reason we can’t get paid, we won’t hold you liable for the difference.

Please, if you’re experiencing pain and hesitating because you think it might be too much with everything else going on, don’t. We’re here to help you, and we provide a number of options to make scheduling your appointment as easy as possible.

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