Our Lasers and Feelings Campaign

Here’s a quick setup I did for our son. Feel free to use it whole cloth or use it as a jumping off point for your own ideas. The way the game works is you (and your kid) create characters who either are good at Lasers (technical stuff) or Feelings (convincing people of things, getting them to trust you). Our son is pretty analytical so I tried to create something that would encourage him to reach out and be nice.

The Setup

Our heroes awake to find the crew of the Raptor rushing to the escape pods, they may decide to investigate what they’re running from, and if they do they’ll find Captain Darcy going crazy on the bridge. He’s come down with a case of space psychosis and has jettisoned the ship’s fuel and set it to self destruct. He’s also opened a communication’s channel.

Assuming they find a way to get Darcy into a medical pod to relax a bit (our son lured him there with Nachos), they’ll be contacted by Zorgon the Conquerer informing Darcy (and our players) that he intends to bond with the Quantum Crystals in order to Reverse Time. The players must get to the Quantum crystals first!

At this point the Heroes realize that they are low on fuel, and will not be able to reach the Omicron system where the Crystals are. But they do have enough fuel to get to one of three nearby locations that may have fuel:

  1. The Desert Planet Eeemo
    Not much information exists in the database about this planet, but its icon does show a Black Water drop that could stand for oil.
  2. An Abandoned Fuel Mine So’emptee
    Used to be a major stopping off point, but the shipping lanes have moved on, and there are reports of disappearances in the area.
  3. The Pleasure Barge Funtopia
    Least likely place to find fuel. A wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Let your players choose which planet they’d like to go to and in which order. At each planet they only find enough fuel to visit one of the others, so that they work through them in whichever order.

How Our Game Went:

So Gaius chose Eeemo first where he encountered a rag-tag group of space pirates (the only evidence that they are pirates are unnecessary eye patches and they say “arrr” at the beginning and end of every sentence). The pirates took them to the leader of the planet, the Black Queen. Who turned out to be an Emo teenage girl obsessed with the Cure listening to them on repeat like really loudly.

Gaius decided to throw her a party to make her feel better, and fix her music player so it’ll play happier music. He was so nice to her that she and her space pirates joined our crew and repaired the ship.

The whole idea is that on each planet there will be another group or people who need his help, and he can learn how being kind can help a lot.

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