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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is the use of pressure on your muscles to help them relax in order to promote healing, and lessen pain/stiffness. Our massage therapists communicate with you about what you need, and set about to help you heal. 

Other Forms of massage, often labeled “Spa” or “swedish” employ the same sorts of techniques, but instead with the goal of relaxation and making you feel pampered. While not inherently a problem, often these sorts of massages can leave out part of the picture on your health. Our Massage Therapists have your health and healing as their number one goal. Often, after a Massage Therapy appointment you will feel relaxed, loose, and comfortable, but never at the expense of your healing journey! 

In addition to what you may initially expect from you appointment, our Massage Therapists will emloy supplementary techniques suchs as Massage Stroke Techniques, and other enhanced therapies. Our Massage Therapist are trained in the following disciplines to help you heal and stay healthy:

  • Trigger Point Therapy
  •  Myofascial Therapy
  • Perinatal Massage (Pregnancy Massage)
  • Deep Tissue
  • MAT (Muscular Alignment Techniques)

Adding Massage to our practice was always going to be an opportunity to enhance care and healing, while providing a service that our patients need and want. 

Our Philosophy for Massage Therapy at Blonsky Family Chiro is the same as our overall philosophy: healing-first care, in a calming and human-centric atmosphere. We always listen to the humans who lay on our tables, and tailor care specfically to their needs; whether those needs are social, mental health related, or ofcourse, health and wellness needs.

On the Massage table you’ll have the opportunity to communicate your preferences of all kinds, but please let us know if you have any specific needs such as:

  • Sensory Issues
  • Sensitivities to certain areas of your body
  • Preferences on how much or little of clothing you remove, including none


Chiropractic and Massage are complimentary disciplines. If you’re experiencing Muscle or Joint Pain, and are seeking the services of a Massage Therapist, often adding Chiropractic Care can set you on the path to healing.

Chiropractic Care is the manipulation of your joints to create targeted healing, and increase range of motion. Often this creates a pop, but depending on your needs or body, may not create any sound at all. 

Doctor Sara will communicate with your Massage Therapist about your specfic needs, and they will form an integrated plan to help you feel your best.