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Chiropractic for your family.

Doctor Sara Blonsky and the team at Blonsky Family Chiropractic are here for you and your family. We all experience aches and pains, and it can be hard to face the day when you’re distracted by a sore back, or throbbing headache, but as a mom, Doctor Sara knows it can be even harder to find time for self care. We welcome your whole family at every appointment, from teething infants, to doting grandmas.
As a Chiropractor in New York City for four years, I learned how important spending time with your family is. I make sure that every visit is a family event and I will take the time so each appointment is personalized to the needs of the patient. Your care is tailored specifically to you and your family. Whether it's exercises for a sports injury, or a gentle adjustment for a teething baby, I will put together the best plan for you.

We're a cash practice, most appointments, including your first, are a flat fee of $65, but we also accept new patients under No Fault and Personal Injury cases.

Treatment Of

Chronic or Acute Back Pain
Neck Pain
Muscle Aches
Muscle Weakness
Numbness & Tingling
Ear Infections


Diversified Chiropractic
Pelvic Drops
Extremity Adjustments
IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization)
Trigger-point therapy
Nerve Flossing
Exercise Routines

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