Sciatica or sciatic nerve pain is when something puts pressure on the sciatic nerve, and causes it to pinch, causing pain or even numbness and tingling. This can happen quickly and sometimes without a known event being the cause.

It can be scary if you’ve never felt anything like it before but rest assured it is both common and treatable!

With sciatic pain, you feel it going down one leg, both legs or it may alternate. It can also vary in how far down the leg you will feel it. Some report only feeling it down into their glute while others will feel it all the way down to their foot, or anywhere in between.

Pain like this can make it uncomfortable to walk, sit or lift things and many people find it difficult to complete even the lowest impact daily tasks. It is hard to find things to help because the same things don’t always work for everyone!

Ice for 10-15 minutes

The first thing you can always do if you are experiencing pain like this is to start icing your inflamed muscles in 10-15 increments. Ice is often the first step in helping to reduce pain because it helps reduce inflammation.

Stretching your hamstrings and your piriformis muscles can also be helpful in reducing sciatic pain. These are common muscles to pinch the sciatic nerve, relaxing them will take pressure off the nerve. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds at a time and do the stretch 3 times in a row, on each side. These stretches can be done multiple times a day.

If you are experiencing pain that is starting to travel into you leg, don’t hesitate to start these at-home treatments. If the pain is persistent or you have further questions, contact us at Blonsky Family Chiropractic any time by calling, email, or text message.

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