Workers Comp

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A workplace injury can really set you back, and the last thing you want to be worrying about is how to get paperwork completed and get started on your care. Doctor Sara would love to be your partner in your recovery, and help you with your Workers Comp!

That said, unfortunately the paperwork can be complicated, and there are many different insurance companies that provied Workers Comp claim benefits. We can never be certain about what will be required, but rest assured we’ll work with you to figure it out. Our new patient paperwork includes a spot for you to put your insurance information and once we have that we can check it for you. 

Are we accepting new Worker's Comp Patients?

Yes! We’re happy to welcome new Workers Comp patients to our practice. Doctor Sara would be proud to be your Worker’s comp chiropractor. What’s more, we make it very easy for you to schedule online, and want to make sure you’re comfortable in your appointment.

What are our Insurance Terms?

We try to keep it very simple. We aren’t going to pre-charge you for appointments you shouldn’t have to pay for, and if it turns out something went wrong with your insurance you won’t be liable for any balance or extra fees. It’s not your fault that the system is complicated, and we will do everything in our power to prevent you from being penalized for that. All we ask in return is that you extend us the same courtesy and grace.


Please feel free to fill out this form with any and all questions you may have about Workers Comp. 

Note: We understand that you may not have all of this information, please rest assured that we will help you find it. Please just fill out what you can.